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Dear Carole

You recently sent me one of your relaxation CDs, which I have listened to, and it eased my stress and worries and helped me to relax fully. This is not the first time that I have experienced your help. Last year I visited your studio for some relaxation sessions and they worked wonders for me.

I know that some people are embarrassed to say that they have visited a counsellor, and that many people see it as a weakness in their character if they have to consider counselling, but I can assure everyone here who has any type of problem in their life whatever it may be, after one or two sessions with Carole, you will come away with a new perspective on life and on your problems.

I can highly recommend Carole and the work that she does through my own personal experiences. Many of us here will have some kind of issues at some point in our lives – if you want help please contact this lady, she can work wonders for you.

Once again I say thanks, Carole, for all your help over the past year.

Yours sincerely



Call Carole on 07941 914 689 ... Or Email

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