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26 July 2011


Dear Carole

Thank you so much for your amazing 6 week course on developing lifelong healthy eating habits.

Not only was it a really enjoyable and fun experience, I looked forward to the meeting every week, but it was such powerful valuable information that I have never come across before.

After my baby was born, I embarked on a mission to lose 4 stone – I joined Weight Watchers and a gym and although I lost the weight, none of the experts I came across at the gym or at Weight Watchers ever mentioned the power of the mind, habits and attitudes in losing weight. I lost the 4 stone but I wish I had known about you at the time – it would have made my journey so much easier!

Your CD is great too, and was so nice to receive as part of the course.

What you teach really is the missing ingredient for anyone wanting to lose weight, start exercising, or simply eat healthily and change their attitudes to food for life.

I would not hesitate in recommending your fantastic course or one-on-one sessions on this topic. Everyone should attend, regardless of shape or size, as you really can learn some life-changing lessons from it!

Yours sincerely



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