The Emotional Needs Audit

The Human Givens InstituteHow well are your innate emotional needs being met?

Nature has programmed all of us with physical and emotional needs.

These are the ‘human givens’ that cannot be avoided.

How stressed we are depends on how well they are being met now, and how well we deal with the situation when they are not.

Rate, in your judgement, how well the following emotional needs are being met in your life now, on a scale of one to seven (where 1 means not met at all, and 7 means being very well met), by ticking the appropriate boxes.

This emotional needs audit is provided courtesy of the Human Givens Institute


Do you feel secure in all major areas of your life?

(such as your home, work, environment)

Do you feel you receive enough attention?

Do you think you give other people enough attention?

Do you feel in control of your life most of the time?

Do you feel part of the wider community?

Can you obtain privacy when you need to?

Do you have an intimate relationship in your life?

(one where you are totally physically and emotionally accepted for who you are by at least one person, this could be a close friend)?

Do you feel an emotional connection to others?

Do you feel you have status that is acknowledged?

Are you achieving things and competent in at least one major area of your life?

Are you mentally and/or physically stretched in ways which give you a sense of meaning and purpose?

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