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Dear Carole,

I would just like to say that you made me feel most comfortable and even though I found it very hard to relax at the beginning of the session, by the end I felt so at ease and I really did not want it to end.

You came across so very caring and understanding and listened to me and my concerns. You questioned me very subtly and managed to understand my problems and worries and made me feel so relaxed that I felt I could tell you anything, knowing that it would all be in confidence.

By the end of the session, we had discovered a few of my personal faults and you managed to help me to come to terms with them and get to grips with them and have no fear of them.

Thank you Carole for your sympathy and support and for actually helping me help myself.

Hopefully I shall continue with all that I have learnt and that in the near future it will pay dividends.

Keep up the good work.



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