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11 June 2013

Dear Carole

With the opportunity I had recently to try to help a couple who are friends of mine to resolve a significant disagreement, I was very pleased that they agreed to visit you.

The situation had very quickly become rather entrenched, but persuading them that it can only help to sit, talk and listen, allowed the sessions they had with you, separately at first and then both together, so I understand from them, to bring an openness and clarity that they had not been able to see for themselves. It allowed each of them to view the situation a little differently.

With your gentle guidance, each saw the merit in moving their own position enough for them to open a dialogue of their own and I am pleased to say that the disagreement that seemed at one point to be truly very serious, is now viewed by both with more understanding and is an episode that has been put behind them.

They have asked me to pass on their thanks.




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