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25 June 2012

Dear Carole

I am deeply indebted to you for helping me to cope with my phobia of wasps and bees.

I work from an office in the garden, and in summer I have no alternative but to have windows open. Inevitably, wasps and bees will get into the office from time to time. Even if I keep all the windows closed, they find their way in somehow.

Previously, if a wasp or a bee came into my office, I would run out and demand that my wife come to the office and get rid of it. I called it "wasp duty" or "bee duty".

With the help of guided visualisations from you, I am now able to be calm when a wasp or a bee comes into the office, and either simply wait for it to go out or open a window to enable it to escape.

This has helped me enormously in my work. Thank you so much.

With best wishes




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